I very rarely ask David for help in a physical, material way. His Grace is so omnipresent in the form of Shakti and Bliss. But he has helped my children many times without any asking, and sometimes when they were desperate they have asked him themselves. But David to them is their mom's thing...
David seems to know about them without their connecting to him...I can only guess that his Love is so vast for us that he takes care of those we love too.

A few weeks ago David asked me how my oldest son was doing and I said fine, but that I had not been paying much attention to him and his family lately, just do to busy-ness. David asked me for his phone number and put it in his phone, which I thought was a little odd, especially considering the attitude of my son to anything remotely spiritual...which was to avoid it at all costs!

My son called me a few days later. His car had broken down, he had no money to repair it, and he was behind in his house payments and had no money to buy his kids Christmas presents. He said it might cost several thousand dollars to fix his car. I was worried about him, the grandkids, and how they were going to make it. I asked him if he would be open to getting help from David. He said "I'll take any help I can get right now."

I never talked to David about this, but prayed silently to him for his help, in whatever way it might come, for my son. I knew that perhaps the best help would be for him to fail...sometimes it takes that to learn...but as a mother, my heart did not want that at all. I did not want him to suffer, or my two grandchildren.

I let it go. A few days before Christmas I was on Facebook, and my son posted that somehow his car started, and did not need any of the repairs they thought it would need. There is still a problem, but it can be driven!
When I spoke with him I told him I asked for help from David, and he said "Well, it looks like it worked..."
It is hard for him to admit there can be anything without a scientific explanation. But he had to admit the timing was a little unusual, and the car started up with no explanation.

I spoke with David and told him this story. He so sweetly said that he has been known to fix broken cars.
That was all he said.

Our dear dear David, he cares for us in ways we don't even know, like a mother. Probably there are numerous times he has helped us, saying nothing, letting us believe we did it all ourselves. So like a mother raising children. The little ones never know how many times she has caught them when they were about to fall.

Thank you so much David. This is just one of many. I will share more another day. With Love....


Thats so beautiful Vivian thank you for sharing gave me a much needed faith boost. Ive also had experiences of this nature with David :)

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