Ocean of Mercy

The following is a prayer that Shankaracharya offers his guru:

Namo Namaste gurave mahaatmane
Vimukta-sangaaya sad-uttamaaya
Nityaadvayaanada rasasvarupine
Bhuumne sadaapara-dayaambu dhaamne
(Vivekachudamani vs486)


Salutation to thee again and again, O noble Teacher
Who art devoid of attachment, best among the knowers of truth,
The embodiment of the essence of eternal non-dual bliss
Who art infinite and ever the boundless ocean of mercy.

Daya + ambu: Ocean of mercy - when I first read that line many years ago, I assumed it was a poetic metaphor. After tonight's internet satsang, I know that this is the absolute truth.
Who am I that I should be the recipient of such mercy?