E-mail / Experiencing David

Just thought I'd share an e-mail dialogue that I had with a new friend. I had recommended he participate in one of David's meditations. Afterward we were discussing the meditation, which is actually the experience of David.

Yes, David is the real deal. I'm glad he gave you the verification you desired. I suggest you keep participating in the internet meditations and build a relationship with him, he can/and will help you in any way needed to mature your body/mind/consciousness. Maybe someday if you feel motivated you could attend one of his awakening intensives, you will be glad you did.

"I was hoping he would have touched on your comment"

my guess is that he comments if he feels it neccesary

Did you feel any energy from him? if not you need to keep participating and having dialogues, and gradually the bond will occur. If you did feel energy, do the same. In time the relationship/energy/David will become without division, without any empty space, whole, a solid concrete ocean of the divine, with the flavor of nectar. This is what I experience with him.


Experiencing David answering your questions before you ask them, is like eating crumbs off of the floor, that have fallen from a table, where an immense banquet of the finest food is being served.

It is likely that soon you will find your seat at the table, where more is being offered than you can even consume.

David is the Supreme Lord.

Have no doubts.


By Steve