David, My Self

David is my friend, my self. He/ I constantly reveals so much more than just this little human consciousness. From a great pillar of light, to constant shakti vibration, to open eyed samadhi, to the pure recognition of the love-light that I am. I'm all there, nothing held back, completely revealed, extreme reality at it's finest.

I can hardly put into words, the love and gratitude that IS the experience of David, my self. So beautiful, so wonderful, so loving, so intense that I am almost unbearable. It is David, my self, that I have come to appreciate, cherish, and love so much.


I really am so glad you posted this comment. My post was also done with the great reverance I have for David as well as the great appreciation I have for your words. I just assumed everyone must be experiencing this wondrous bliss, and I wanted David to know my incredible love and gratitude for everything.

Thank You,

By mark.jack --

Mark Jack