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What Happened


My first Satsang weekend with David occurred and there were many moments of insight wherein everything stopped for me then filled in with ecstatic emotion. My clearest thought as the days went on is that David is a marvelous enigma to me and I fully embrace his advice not to conceptualize about it. But I like to break the rules ..

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My Blue Heaven


Maybe I could cry – or go smoke a cigarette or something;
dream a happy ending, cosmetic surgery perhaps.
“You have a blue nose you know”
“Why don't you say anything about it?”
“It doesn't mean we don't love you”

Have I mentioned the fragrance by which I am sustained ..
Oh well, you haven't the nose for it
It matters not really – you will know, probably already
Know about that twisted limb by which only you unfold
Ah, our own little god-sent chariot of suffering

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Kali Puja Reloaded


Going out to California for a weekend Satsang with David Spero in Larkspur. Its actually miraculous that people like David exist for us - or perhaps more acurate to say what operates in what is transmitted. I, this being, this subject, is not firmly established in what insight has manifested - but I wish to express something here to friends.

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Oh That!


Oh That, I know not yet known
What cast me out yet not another
Giving all else yet hidden still -
With others and our vain reflections
In vain until till neither I nor you

Oh That, for nothing may be done
For which I turned away the given
For the Nothing cold and dark
This frozen mantle, majestic snows
Dead peace, yet still the Seed abiding

Oh That, a burning ember blown
Life comes forth a blazing flame
Melts a heart, One without another
All else still yet Now in Light
Revealed in Beauty through tears

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Wednesday night I attended Satsang with David. In my practice I have been very skewed towards Jnana Yoga, so I was at first leery of the seemingly dualist aspect of his teaching. That evaporated quickly as I felt in the man's physicality and heard a profound uniqueness in what he is saying about Advaita – heard the ring of Truth.  It was not long before the writings and video content won my trust and confidence that his story, fantastic as it is, was certainly genuine.

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A Different Kind of Poem


Hope no one was offended! I just starting to blog here - and its personal stuff. At first I did not realize that one's blog goes up on the home page. The original blog title was the title of the poem. Anyway, it could be misunderstood; actually it was a very inspired Christmas morning many years ago this came - and I for one got what it means, ha ha.

The Stupid Christ

when you felt forsaken
you knew us best . .
it was after all then
you were a stupid christ

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A Dream of David


I suppose everyone has those special dreams that come now and again and are important blissful spiritual experiences. I mean there are dreams and there are dreams.. some dreams are very elevating, but the most significant are when the guru appears. Having been associated for some 40+ years with my guru, no longer on the planet, yet connected via mantra for as much of each day as will be given, it has been surprising and most blissful to have so quickly, easily and naturally been feeling Love with David.

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Expansion, Contraction and Self


I read today a quotation in a book by one I certainly believe to have received dispensation as a spiritual teacher: "Expansion comes from within the Self and contraction goes into the Self". The teacher goes on to say "'.. the terms.. are good and useful analogies on the relative plane.. but.. in the spiritual world, this is a matter of realization not an abstraction".

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