Who is she? Who is she?

We have just had a weekend intensive with David. My last instructions were "Write us!". I am filled with sweetness consumed from the Mother - so much refreshment of creative imagination. And yet this experience was conceived in the strict conditions of philosophical investigation, a strange womb one might wrongly think. The theme that emerged in David's teaching was completely informed by creative expression of the feminine divine. The discussion was framed by Vedic mythology: by engaging Shiva and Shakti, images of the male and female principles of existence as such, devotional relationship manifests through the active energy of the Absolute untouched by thought and its dualities.

I saw the intensive as a guided meditation in operation; the language imbued with Advaitic formulations of nondualism, qualified non dualism and dualism - and to some extent with the imagery or poetic expression of these sublime modalities. Depending on the listeners own mode of listening in general, and at different points of the guided meditation, one's insight was expanded by the pure joy of the philosophical thought - and more so by the creative imagination. The insight, I felt, is that female creative energy, the shakti, is generating relative existence and it is here that is home for any “personal enlightenment”, or grace if you will. It is in the human nervous system that blissful culmination of this organic creation is to play.

For me, this insight is rooted philosophically in the assertion that the absolute is not displaced by the relative, rather the relative is superimposed on the absolute, the multiplicity is permeated by one without a second. The female is that energetic potential swirling in the
unmanifested. It manifests in waves as the created world. The philosophical idea of Advaita Vedanta asserts the absolute is without multiplicity in nonduality; yet the swirling energetic exists and That manifests in waves, creating a qualified nondualism in multiplicity. Duality comes into play with the creative imagination, whereby we find our relationships and particularly relationship with with Being as beings. This is devotional in a multiplicity of ways, even through philosophic inquiry - but it is easier and more direct through the creative imagination. One may taste the Ananda of Satchitananda as Beauty or Love in relationship with the Divine Mother.

So listening to David navigate in these waters and in all that talk between us, my resolution of the conflicts in human relationship emerged. Through Bergson with references to Whitehead on Hegel, to a core insight by Bergson on the energetic vibration in the unmanifest absolute, with segues to Vedanta, Buddhism, etc. - their relativity to the divine feminine. Through discussion of manifestations in gender behavior and related social and political ills; then also the metaphysical inquiry about That inaccessible to thought, to knowledge, of what we are as psycho-physical individuals. In all this talk between us comes a vision of a human mandala as a full expression of the Mother. All this humanity and in the center of the mandala the perfect clear person, the Avatar.

The event of a Divine Person in flesh and bone seems to me intuited by persons who naturally form an allegiance to the actuality of the Avataric manifestation. The relationship with the Avatar, the very natural “proximity” of the Avatar to the devotees near and far, effects clarification in the relationships of beings and Being. As I intuit the Avataric in David, philosophic inquiry peters out as it were, or in a more mythological expression, sadhana finds its ending. This feels energetic and blissful.

On the first night of the intensive David concluded an elaborate drawn schematic with its erasure. The exercise was useful to some extent but ultimately a language employed to assert the unspeakable. Technically it means, I think, sublime as it can be, all knowledge is ignorant of the absolute on which it is superimposed. In the Vedic tradition this is Maya, everything, the good the bad and the ugly are ultimately rooted in ignorance. The most significant thing I heard David say was to the effect that what he presents in very creative language, since it is coming to us via his particular body-mind complex, is an enlightened manifestation in the field of ignorance. As one intuits the Avataric David, the words used in his teaching are always significant primarily because they accompany his enlightened body-mind complex – in that exists the initiating power clarifying the body-mind complex of the devotee.

I am noticing my clarification as I digest the intensive. It manifests in devotion. This devotion is a gift, in a very direct sense from the organic processes of nature. It manifests in absolute purity in the body of the Avatar. Creative imagination is the vehicle of bliss. I contemplate David as Divine Mother and I loved when David said at one point “Are you sitting before my picture [image] with your heart open?”. I have spontaneous joy in being occupied with and by imaginations of our relationship. In this regard I have a number of modalities of spiritual practice. For some time now, for example, I have been deeply drawn to Mother Kali, and specifically to the 18th century poetry of Ramprasad. In being with David for this weekend, this is a perfect image of what I saw:

Complexion more radiant than the royal-blue lotus,
her long black hair flows perfectly free.
Who is she? Who is she?
Body not protected by armor or garments,
she stands in the chaos of conflict fearlessly.
She is primordial beauty.
The loveliness of her breasts
consumes every limited gaze
in the fire of naked luminosity.

This supreme lady, Mother Reality,
moves with dramatic stride and brilliant smile.
Like devastating thunder
at the dissolution of the universe,
her cry of truth sounds forth:
Stop! Stop! Cease and be still!

Her vibrant presence enchants
the heart and mind of every being,
yet she remains sublimely terrifying,
as though sister to Death,
transforming into profound humility
the pride of those who oppose her foolishly.
Her enthusiasm for battle remains fresh,
like a warrior who has just completed training.
Her skill in combat unique and invincible ,
Goddess Kali advances directly
to the stronghold of the enemy
and stares down Death
with her steady gaze of victory.

This poet trembles, barely able to sing:
“The realm of relative existence
is engaged in ceaseless war.
Death is attacking with superior forces.
I cannot resist its overwhelming illusion.
My Warrior Mother alone can save me.”

This poem was taken from Lex Hixon's English interpretation of Ramprasad's poetry in a book entitled “Mother of the Universe: Visions of the Goddess and Tantric Hymns of Enlightenment”


Happy to see you write on here again. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your experience and such. Thanks for sharing!

By ryan

I thought this poem was so beautiful, I went and purchased the book. It is so funny though, although the poems are so wonderful and full, nothing compares to this immeasurable experience with David. No words even come close......but even though limited by words.....sometimes the heart just needs to express itself in what ever way it can. Sometimes just sounds work well too. Thank you!


I don't often get back to reading comments . . . so its been over a year I see. Happy you got all these poems. We get the great blessing of attending direct company of David as we are given this by grace. Yes, nothing compares to those physical touches from the Avatar. I get recurring bhavas as and when I dwell on David in my heart cave - some strong emotions want to flow into words and maybe do. These Ramprasad poems though are so powerful and often flow energy in an opposite way, from the words directly to the heart that are then like flower offerings to David there - describing the Mother so perfectly along with the experience of Her devotee. So we have this wonderful book and the inspired rendering by Lex.

By Stephen