A Different Kind of Poem

Hope no one was offended! I just starting to blog here - and its personal stuff. At first I did not realize that one's blog goes up on the home page. The original blog title was the title of the poem. Anyway, it could be misunderstood; actually it was a very inspired Christmas morning many years ago this came - and I for one got what it means, ha ha.

The Stupid Christ

when you felt forsaken
you knew us best . .
it was after all then
you were a stupid christ

you were damned lucky son .
for that bit of the story
nailed that way . . .
complaining about it .

the guy next door knew more
you finally got it straight maybe
seeing him there .
hanging just like you .

dear sweet jesus .
you never left the cradle really
your ascension .
was barely an elevation

so when I used the mallet
saving an extra nail
pounding through . . .
both feet at once .

making sure to shatter
the joints in your wrists
to finish at last .
the manifest trinity .

not leaving one arm dangling
I was the worst of us
so my personal sorrow ended
thanks to you . . .

having finished .
what father wanted
completely . . .
for life eternal

for we the holy ghost


hi Stephen! I I enjoyed reading your poem. Thanks for sharing!

By ryan

This is the point of the blog community here .. I heard David thanked you for making a comment. It is slightly disconcerting to sit there for days on the home page.. I hope more of us will share their expressions of how realizations come to them like you do

By Stephen

Thanks! And I completely agree with you. Let's do it my friend! The more we get our stuff out there the faster we grow IMO.

By ryan