Seeing David Everywhere

This topic, is about a relationship that is a paradox, as there is but one without a second . . . is it from the poet Rumi where the lover knocks on the door: “Who is there?” asks the beloved, “It is me!” - but the door is not opened. Its a beautiful arousal to realize as the lover that the beloved is finding Her expression of Love, Her vehicle, through the lover who knocks and answers Her inquiry with “It is you!”. David is recognized then, detected, as the Divine Feminine.

I don't near often enough come to where David holds intensives with those drawn to the beloved. I don't live near, and especially lately have been going elsewhere, taking some action in the world. Most often it feels futile, more play in mundane desire. That is not really fair to say though, because David, as was said would happen in advance, was there with me in that all along. Still, I am mostly so dull as to be amazed to encounter just the right persons, and also discover others drawn to David, as they were or are already waiting.

The paradox of seeing David everywhere is in the field of Divine Play where “It is me!” repeatedly dissolves in “It is you”. The former is a continuity of pleasure and pain, and it seems at least, to manifest hunger for liberation from that duality in its state of being. This state operates in causation. With “It is you!” is liberation from reasons, from the reality of “It is me!”, and what is exists abiding is the actuality of “It is you!”.

Yet here sits a body-mind complex She manifests, knowing in a limited awareness a memory of Her grace on occasions, toying with playthings now and again until at last I cry “It is you, It is you!”. Is it not also that for the Avatar there is the paradoxical existence of my awaiting that grace, gazing everywhere for you?


Wonderful read Stephen, Thank you!!!!