Wednesday night I attended Satsang with David. In my practice I have been very skewed towards Jnana Yoga, so I was at first leery of the seemingly dualist aspect of his teaching. That evaporated quickly as I felt in the man's physicality and heard a profound uniqueness in what he is saying about Advaita – heard the ring of Truth.  It was not long before the writings and video content won my trust and confidence that his story, fantastic as it is, was certainly genuine.  Putting it bluntly, to the point, his lifetime of spiritual practice surrendered to the operation of Satchitananda, through which not only the Absolute, but the Absolute is manifesting the Divine Mother, Love and Kundalini-Shakti.  My perception of this was intuitive and so not so easy to establish factually, even for myself.

Wednesday night I pushed rather pointedly my inquiry:  "Is this this now Mother speaking, all or in part or not at all or what?"  In his published work he openly states his condition to be that of Sahaja Samadhi - "not a state of consciousness .. understand it is that the body, the mere body, has become God, known in and as the Ultimate".  One finds this "hard to chew as rocks" .. but intuition had kept me for weeks, and led to asking my question.  The essentials of his answer began in a way I felt directed to me, though of course there were about 70 listeners: "When you come here" (indicating himself) "you should expect something very different from what you have already experienced".  

He then went on with what was key to my subsequent feeling.  My relationship with my guru, from who I had received initiation many years ago, had through the vehicle of the mantra brought me through many spiritual experiences and relationships.  I understood this was another.  Inwardly I always kept the insight that my guru often emphasized: ultimately the only guru is Satchitananda. This has always given me a firm understanding that what was happening, whatever happened in all aspects of my life, was a spiritual teaching.  So it was especially significant that David went directly to an exposition on Satchitananda.  It was enlightening for me to say the least.  I didn't say anything further at the time .. I was too much at peace.  In fact, he concluded with the instruction to simply settle and rest into what grace is given.  I wrote to him on his blog about an hour later on his answer to my question about the operation of the Mother:

" ... your response was experienced as very novel .. I mean it operated so insight was established in a new way - especially as regards to the Sat in operating through Chit for an abiding level or expanded Ananda - these words are so limited for this actuality, but they are offered in great appreciation."

Its difficult to repeat exactly what David conveyed, but conceptually for me it was about the operation of Sat. Although infinitely existent, Sat is as it were hidden.  Chit is absolute consciousness as it is revealed.  As Sat illumines Chit (always superimposed and non-differentiated from Sat), Ananda or bliss permeates the body-mind complex.  One may move far into withdrawing from ones current state of Chit and abide in Sat and various levels of Samadhi which are nonetheless not what is meant by the experience of Ananda.  This depends on grace inasmuch as there is nothing one can do except abide in surrender.  This is my understanding, a state of devotion if you will - or better still, being in Love. I describe my feeling not assuming I could possibly represent David's state of Being. I speak for myself.

I am feeling, not thinking, that grace, fully given, is the Absolute Sat absolutely manifested through Chit and Life in unlimited Ananda.  Naturally a paradoxical conception arises: Satchitananda is not a thought process over psychological time as it is incomprehensible to the mind, in the sense of mind as memory, as existing in the past. Never Now, the mind constructs a limited belief system that is the self/ego.  This small self imagines its future, as well as creating images about others.  Such a conception of reality does not comprehend That. “That”, not a conception of reality, is the actuality of the Absolute, the Shakti, and in the body itself - that designated as Kundalini.  My state of devotion, of experiencing Love, is manifesting eternally not as thought, but as the action of the Divine Mother.

Satsang with David was/is an immediate and effortless initiation by the Mother's grace – continuing in a natural transmission of his state of sahaja samadhi.  For me this is a novel event which will in its ultimate fruition be known as Truth.  Its is so novel for me in being devotional and yet not duelistic or a qualified non-dualism; rather it is Advaita Vedanta.


Enjoyed reading your post. David is the real deal. What a true gift. He is total freedom and unlimited grace. So clean crisp and no limitations. An unbounded expression of Devi's love. The expression of Kali is there too which gives him a razor sharp edge that is so refreshing. I love it all. How fortunate we are to have found this most precious jewel.....Namaste


Wow, Sat Chit Ananda is such a beautiful communication of unbounded grace and love. Thank you so much for sharing.

By David N

I really enjoyed reading this! I feel sharing helps all of us. I know it does me. So thank you! I got to be honest in that most of this is over my head a bit. Lol. But like I said I still get great pleasure reading it and feel it helps me all the same.

By ryan