The Old Soldier in Christmas

In days of war he had seen the betrayal of the sons by the fathers,
seen the ravages of nationalism and its unfortunate patriotism.
He had run the full gamut of greed for women and gold,
seen his impoverishment in the field of human relationship.
In time he realized the folly of creating images of himself and others,
seen these delusions are the fountain of conflict.
In meditation he was attentive to the heart awaiting Mother's Grace,
seen sometimes silent heart open pure feeling peace and bliss.
But now the serpent power churned and biting in a lower realm,
seems to need an answer to an all absorbing question.

“What about the unforgivable?” said heavy with resentment and culpability,
for personal tragedy and the unforgivable by the body of humanity.
Then the flash of insight gracefully given light not reason or faith emotion,
as soldier in distress yearned raising Power with arrested breath.
And so to his Heart that Divine Energy that also birthed the unforgivable,
infilling Love as forgiveness not his but given exploding to the world.
Operation of Compassion always timeless elevating our human condition,
transforming everything to clarified registers of Being.
And so the paradox of pain and bliss a fallen warrior knowing beyond knowing,
the mystic meaning of Christ as always dying for our “sin”.



By Stephen