Oh That!

Oh That, I know not yet known
What cast me out yet not another
Giving all else yet hidden still -
With others and our vain reflections
In vain until till neither I nor you

Oh That, for nothing may be done
For which I turned away the given
For the Nothing cold and dark
This frozen mantle, majestic snows
Dead peace, yet still the Seed abiding

Oh That, a burning ember blown
Life comes forth a blazing flame
Melts a heart, One without another
All else still yet Now in Light
Revealed in Beauty through tears


That's beautiful!!!

By ryan

This poem is like pure sweet stream water :)

By David N

Beautiful poem Thank you!


I hope you are encouraged to add to your blog now and again S.

By Stephen

Enjoyed reading this - has a yearning and beautiful quality.

Thank you!

By Helen

I would also like to hear about your feelings in your blog posts. One writes to share an actual experience, but it is unknown what effect will be made on the experience of others. The "yearning" is valid for you - I mean, yes, I yearn for the mood evoking that poem to come often, but I am surrendered.

By Stephen