The Love of Shiva-Shakti

In Satsang with the Master a deep dynamic and radical transformation occurs. This is the evolution of a humanity capable of Love. This is what the mastery manifest in David Spero offers. At the present time, I am processing something I heard from David's recent talks, again my subjective imaginations about what he says. It has to do with the incapacity for Love caused by being the accumulated idea of oneself. David's impeccable formulations of ideas and images and grasp of the various schools of Sadhana, as well as that transmission manifest in his body-mind complex is always being qualified by my own limitations. This is what exists with my having an idea about me getting something over time from a relationship with him rather than surrendering and opening to a process of grace. Him as Guru and me as Devotee is to be annihilated in the Absolute immediacy of Living. That is an absorption of all accumulated memory and its fabrication of thought in the manifested Absolute. Of course me and my thoughts keep coming along with the next moment of my fragmentation of eternity. But then that too is a thought construction. sahaja samadhi, if I conceptualize it, is already of the past, comprised already of thought; but as actual “seeing” it is forever new. Such "seeing", as we continue to merely think of it, gets positioned as one having it through grace manifested by holy company of one like David radiating that actuality. Intuitively I maintain an allegiance to that generating actual spiritual realization. But I won't be there.