Kali Puja Reloaded

Going out to California for a weekend Satsang with David Spero in Larkspur. Its actually miraculous that people like David exist for us - or perhaps more acurate to say what operates in what is transmitted. I, this being, this subject, is not firmly established in what insight has manifested - but I wish to express something here to friends. The wonder is that one experiences Oneself in this teaching, not as a transcendence of subjectivity into a non-duality; but rather a trancendence that expresses non-duality in subjectivity, actually in and through the body-mind in immediate experience. Yet this is a radical transformation of the body-mind not an expansion of the existing condition. One may understand this transmission through David as Advaita manifested as Divine Mother: as a perfected manifestation of the hypothesis of non-duality (so long dominated by male energy) that is not hypothetical, female energy and Now. It is very auspicious that this weekend coinsides with Kali Puja. Anyway, this is all my feeling.


Thats funny! I just got done posting about how wonderful it is that people like David exist. I agree it is a miracle indeed!

By ryan

Enjoy! I don't seem to be able to find words for this anymore. Auspicious is a good one. Bon appetit! Thanks for posting!