Gratitude Unexpressed

Very touched yesterday by David's frank and true words that, for me, meant that we open ourselves to crystalizing our spiritual experiences when we give recognition to wherefrom they emerge. I have not done that for some time now though much has unfolded maintaining a "consciousness connection" with David. So also gratitude unexpressed may not be gratitude at all. I do place my head at the feet of our Master David when grace enables a sudden capacity to do so. The Vibrant Energy I see right this moment out my window animating the wind through the trees and transmitting through all things out and within is blissfully Absolute. Yet sweeter still is the devotional fragrance of feeling that all comes through the personal relationship to the avatar. Now already, even as I write, I start to co-opt this experience and it fades — so quickly I grasp for some permanent fragment: thank you David!


Some top reasons I am grateful of David

1. He makes a lot of sense. Especially about the most important things. His quotes are an excellent example. They are revolutionary.

2. He has a fun and helpful personality.

3. The energy he shares neutralizes the hardships of an awakening.

4. The energy he shares has a lot of power behind it.

5. I just plain like what he is doing.

But this is not in order. I can't put an order to it. It would be constantly changing. Lol

By ryan

I love your line, "gratitude unexpressed may not be gratitude at all." Yes, to keep it locked up inside, thinking that this protects the heart's depth of love, is perhaps an act of cowardice and contraction, which, although wise when the seedling of devotion is newly born, can become an avaricious act when the love matures. I am very familiar with this condition. I want to keep my love and experience with David all to myself. I have not written often on this forum. I want to change that.
Because when I read what you share, I am so filled with the resonance of gratitude and love from your sounding the chords of your heart! My day gets more blissful! Thank you for your consistently thoughtful and devotional sharing!

By Vivian Andrews --


Love the ending! The impermanence of experience. All that is left is a memory of it's fragrance lingering. Thanks for sharing. Namaste!


Your comment is so beautifully poetic and yet so precise and clear.

By Abha --