At the Feet of the Master

Obvious but oft ignored, the simple truth, something does not emerge from nothing. So what evolves is foremost what is involved. And time is insinuated but actually unnecessary. One is reminded of the ancient image of oil flowing unbroken from one vessel into another, never fragmented, from the alone to the alone. Such is the meditation existing now as the clock on the wall has moved some twenty-four hours and I contemplate the holy company that took place with David the first weekend I was in Sedona. I sit in physical removal, though in the infinite range of transmission – and that fact too brings up the meaning of proximity and physical touch. The spiritual master is the vessel from which the direction of the flow is filling the open hearts receiving and returning what is holy, what is love, and what is existence in its infinite intelligence.

In what can be called mythological thinking, many artistic images and philosophical systems are both useful and not useful in the flow of what is being designated as holy in the operation of the spiritual master. There is the amusing response to the question that arises as to why there should be any differentiation between the master and those who share love with the master – after all, for why would the infinite intelligence conceive such a thing. Apparently it is great fun even though for most this fun includes the terror of annihilation. The mythological story goes that the supreme creative intelligence manifested a universe that was nearly perfect, what in one popular system was nearly pure “sattwa”. This manifestation was over practically as it started, not providing much fun at all!

So nowadays we have a much more confused space-time situation with the master having been removed from the game, or more precisely removed to an absolute register of play. Others have been moved from the more general population to a register of existence characterized by the open heart. These are no longer capable of engaging in the horrors of war, exploitation of brothers and sisters and all the methods of betrayal of the sons and daughters of earth. Not so employed in the play of gunas and the conflicts of opposites, they frolic more in the subtleties of the four yogas. The master exists to dispel even that from the open hearts.

This master manifested as David and this open heart engage in what love wants. Yes, my yogas have been a sadhana into the light, meeting the flow. Mastery has been encountered all along, mainly with the impersonal absolute. Now, dead Shiva as all that is, after many years, has again returned in a physical form of mastery. To this open heart it is female and powerful and takes me from flowing into the light to flowing back as the light. As I sat in satsang I felt deeply the existence of all of us there, all unique yet the same in what this was in the manifestation of the tree of life, in what was being registered in that here and now in that place and with those people. Many leaves on this branch and one leaf, the master, fully perfect now reflecting back the entire torrent from the root, time out of mind. Taking in that infinite movement all leaves in his proximity back into the world of brothers and sisters and sons and daughters.

This is so much more powerful in the proximity of satsang though the transmission is far reaching. We can discount the transitory nature of our physical being and the body of the master. But the heart knows the hunger for and the efficacy of the touch. This too is the longing of humanity, long awaiting our own caress. Ultimately it is at the feet of the multitude that we place our heads. That perhaps is a different topic, if we contemplate what may be happening as more individuals are encountering the operation of mastery.


Wow, I really enjoyed reading this. Very beautifully spoken. Namaste!