A Dream of David

I suppose everyone has those special dreams that come now and again and are important blissful spiritual experiences. I mean there are dreams and there are dreams.. some dreams are very elevating, but the most significant are when the guru appears. Having been associated for some 40+ years with my guru, no longer on the planet, yet connected via mantra for as much of each day as will be given, it has been surprising and most blissful to have so quickly, easily and naturally been feeling Love with David. The "twist" on the advaita and the manifestation of the Mother are amazingly unique and most sweet. Something in this is about getting the body back. Now dreams are generally pretty wild, as we know - so I won't try to go into all the crazy details but to find David in my arms was more than merely erotic, it was about the body of the world, about Life. As David says one place in his writings: "those birds are singing, they are full of life, they aren't meditating, they are meditation".


I love having dreams like that. To me what's cool about them is also the memory of it. I have a few I go to in my mind at times. Its fun and healing!

By ryan

I just got around to reading the posts. Love this post. I have no words. Made my heart sing. The photo is awesome too. Thanks for sharing. So yummy!!