An Answer for Lenin's Question “What are we to do?”

This is the second blog entry on my ten days in Sedona with David and a number of others in his immediate circle, as well as a few people new to the experience of the transmission of spiritual power generated in the master's company. I hope you read my previous entry since this one is in fact continuation of that song. What I write is seemingly not personal and rather philosophical - but its not speculative in nature, rather it reflects a direct experience from satsang. When written about later, that process is often punctuated by strong physical and emotional energies. This is because it was evoked by a non-verbal experience in David's satsang. Somehow, the verbal essence of that experience comes through a thread of images, line by line.  I expect it is for certain types of readers who have congruent feelings evoked by the entire sequence, and such can hear it and feel it from beginning to end.

Awaiting shuttle out of planet Sedona right now at the end of a week of several satsangs. You may easily imagine how my condition is such a new register of the absolute.  The sensitivity is containable but just barely.  In a way it is also wonderful to be opening back into the rest of everything. As you know, so much happens in the company of the master.  Considerable “madness” ensued. Yesterday, Sunday, was deeply meditative with emotional repercussions later through the night.  What happened Saturday, however, was really the apex of my visit.  Even David said of it that it was alone worth his entire visit to Sedona. It was a kind of negotiation of a vortex getting physically there; finally picked up along with Brooke (who had just in time got to town) by Kamala dispatched, by Abha, from Kamala's campground near Cottonwood.  It ended up being a very small group, David stating that it was probably due to the high intensity that was generated the previous evening.

Indeed, that evening did windup with David waxing political. We love it, or maybe its true some of we do not, and that may have its own meaning in the context of the situational artistry of his teaching style. The master even polled who participated in the vote, as he thinks we must if to make some difference; seems I was among the few who are “refuseniks”. I mumbled something about it not being “freedom” and not voting not meaning one is not politically effective. It actually is important for me personally that David has a political dimension and I want to address that as it feels significant to do so in evaluating politics in the register of spiritual action (I am now at 30,000 feet someplace over Ohio).

As one reads David's writings, political issues sometimes appear, mainly in his passionate concern for the sorry state of the planet and the terrible ineptitude of political leadership. When he suggests the vote, however, it seems a sort of paradox to me that begs resolution. That is, to participate in choices of leadership wholly a matter of a formal freedom of choice contrived by the power of money is far less meaningful than the actual freedom employed in resisting the axis of power. Its sort of like voting for leaders in the context of the existing system is one extreme of the spectrum of possible political action; at the other end stands the guillotine. In between are such things as the action of occupation and other participatory democratic efforts (surprisingly, nowadays we may learn a great deal from the people of Iceland in this regard). Maybe we vote for a better garbage service, but not for the leaders we are offered. Anyway, for the present purposes I want to shift into the register of spiritual political action that was percolating as one aspect of the impact of being in Sedona with our group these ten days.

Often with David it is a particular phrase that will excite me. At one point on a previous day this last week he said “we don't really know what communism is”. Clearly he was not advocating a political position in that phrase, but since it was not the time or context to do so it was fortunate that I did not blurt out “but I do!”. Let me say, tersely, that the idea of communism is at this point not much more than it has always been – a very spiritually potent hypothesis. Its application in politics has been, so far a disaster, perhaps not to be exceeded, but as yet maybe will be exceeded by the application of so-called “democracy”. The potency of the communist idea mentioned lies in the absolute egalitarian kernel of the hypothesis, in a phrase the well known “to all according to the need and from all according to the ability”. But who can do that, what kind of human has that capacity?

Clearly the emergence of such a capacity means the emergence of a newly evolved humanity. Humanity as we have known it has demonstrated again and again what it is up to this point and essentially such evidence is the core of arguments for hopelessness. Against this we must assert that humanity is not finished. Really what must happen is that we each undergo a radical transformation of being. So this is how we come to what spiritual political action is: I claim it happened in satsang Saturday evening, and for that matter it continues for me, now with greater power still from that event. David's dynamic transmission and its resonance and expansion in the immediate participants was and is an event of political action in the spiritual register of being. This is actualization of the hypothesis.

Now, as I finish this, I am back in Brooklyn. Still with a hangover of intense sensitivity; many thoughts, people and things triggering bliss. This has continued since the very deep meditations on Sunday. As I said the core experience in Sedona actually occurred the previous evening. This group fell deep into mind-meld meditation.  Coming out of meditation (slowly, he he) the unidentified flying object Mr. Spero rockets us to a suspended point of timelessness.  The center-less absolute with centers everywhere radiating from a number of body-mind centers there in that space, perfectly in the case of the master, embraced the world and changed it forever.  David was speaking, but there was a tangible full-body experience of energetic bliss that was beyond words. Then, I would loath to speak and so let enter the past composed of thought, or the reflection of that dead thought in imaginations of a future. I talk now, but that experience then is impossible to convey really - yet these words emanate from a novel stasis. In the satsang a dynamic power radically transforms the existing static state of the participants, with the exception of David who is existing always in the “finished” state of sahaja samadhi. We then go forward in a new static condition, though still with an open heart for receiving further from dynamic transforming shakti.

Presently I am sharing about this and it is quite fascinating how an existing rather long term philosophical involvement with 21st century communist thinkers (such as Alain Badiou) has come into play. The enigmatic V.I. Lenin famously addresses our fundamental question in his publication “What are we to do?”. Key in coming to an answer, I am suggesting now, is an intuitive “event” wherein an individual groks the holographic nature of that individuality in unity with the whole of humanity (J. Krishnamurti's “we are the world” comes to mind). What ensues is an allegiance to that intuition while it actualizes and we enter into its truth; that is,we actually come to a future anterior experience that it has been true always. In satsang with the master a deep dynamic and radical transformation occurs. This is the evolution of a humanity capable of Love. This is what the mastery manifest in David Spero offers. When we open our hearts to the grace of the Divine Mother it is not just an event happening in the space of the room in which we sit. This changes the world in which we live, its a spiritual political revolution radiating everywhere in the universe, time out of mind.