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For All Those Times I Disappeared in Bliss


So many times
Blissfully dissolved
By the end of meditation
With you

So beautifully undone
I could not come back in time
To say thank you

For all those times I disappeared utterly in Bliss
And then returned to find
That familiar stunning sweetness
And longing for you again...

Thank you

I am ever in gratitude and appreciation
Of who you are
And my spiritual relationship with you

Thank you

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Innocent Love in the Lightness of Being


Graceful, free-floating bliss in the lightness of Being. Such is divine relationship with you, David; and in this relationship, I experience the spontaneous, joyful manifestation of innocent love.

Thank you. I love you.

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Instructive, Spontaneous Teaching


Thank you, David, for another poignant, timely, spontaneous teaching given tonight, answering a comment raised by another viewer. I always seem to find insight not only in the beautiful silence you emanate, but in your words as well.

Much love and gratitude,

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Peaceful Peace


Thank you, David, for a thoroughly peaceful evening meditation webcast. Thought, anxiety and concern completely dissipated in deep and subtle, peaceful peace.

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A Heartening Meditation with David


Tonight's internet meditation with David was heartening, light, uplifting, relaxing, peaceful, and full of beautiful silence and love. I noticed and felt the debris of daily concerns and worries dissipate from my field of immediate awareness, as I recognized and surrendered to the effortless, divine consciousness I feel and experience with David.

As always, much gratitude and love,

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Ocean, a Song for David


After last night's meditation, I was moved to post a song I've been working on entitled, 'Ocean.' It's imperfect and just a demo recording, but I think of David when I work on the song and listen to it.


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Bliss from Remotely Tuning Into David's Awakening Intensive Far Away


Yesterday, I experienced quite a blissful transference of Consciousness from David during his Awakening Intensive...even though I live in Hollywood and the intensive was in San Francisco.

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Bliss, Grace, Music & David Spero


This entry accounts for my experiences with David on July 7, 2010.

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