Hi to everybody all the way from Mexico!

Hello friends wanted to introduce myself to this great community just letting you know Im here to share a bit of my personal life and to learn from you all and to help you in anyway I can, Im open for all critics thoughts comments of the journey Ive had (you can read it at my bio) and yes although some things may sound hard to beleive well they are true I tried to be as sincere as possible, I cant talk about any of this to people over here apart from my girlfriend because they are closed minded but I know you are open for anything, I know Im not here by chance but rather I am here by the Grace of David.

Unity, Love and Wisdom to you all!

Jesus Salas,
Tampico Mexico


Hello Sananda,

I enjoyed reading your bio. You had seen through the illusions of life early in your life. I hope your in a peaceful place now and that you have more acceptance from your family and friends.

By Meridian