Boundless Grace

I am a soon to be 65 year (old) man who was brought to this place by the embodied Grace that David radiates.
After decades of conscious and effortful seeking/practicing via a labyrinth of teachers,gurus,affiliations and orientations I was brought to the feet and heart of David.
Seemingly a fact that literally and/or figuratively was against all the odds!
I joined this community 11 months and two days ago and what has transpired in this life has been and continues to be profoundly beyond my ability or need to understand or communicate yet being firmly established in the relative(as well as the Absolute) that is what I am moved to try to do.
The Grace/Shakti that so pervasively has embraced,enlivened and initiated this being has alchemically and organically brought to Light(Radiant Sun) every aspect of my being(physically,mentally,emotionally,psychologically,relationally,etc.) that required revealing(revelation),exposing,purifying,healing,integrating,burning through,
This process is inherently something that is doing itself and it has been both blissfully transcendent and excruciating!
All inclusively bringing forth to conscious everything from trauma to transcendence/fear to peace/confusion to understanding!
I have been consistently graced,supported and embraced by David and am now moved to open my experience to others who I know have been uniquely touched and moved in similar yet diverse ways.
With Love!