In Awe

To have been brought to David and his radiant and transfiguring Grace increasingly leaves me in awe as the beauty and mystery of what it s impact on this life continues to deepen and unfold.
The peace,power,light and devotion that flows over and through every aspect of my being during webcasts and/or intensives is equally being revealed in the very aspects,circumstances and relationships that for most of my life I was looking to circumvent,to detach from and dis identify with through advaitic(mental) escapes into emptiness,meaninglessness,etc.
The beauty and power of David s transmission and teaching have radically opened an acceptance and embrace of all that flows through and around this very life with full feeling and with an open heart for ALL of life from suffering,loneliness,fear to bliss and tracsnendance.
I am in his hands and at his feet!!!!!!
By His Grace!