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In Awe


To have been brought to David and his radiant and transfiguring Grace increasingly leaves me in awe as the beauty and mystery of what it s impact on this life continues to deepen and unfold.
The peace,power,light and devotion that flows over and through every aspect of my being during webcasts and/or intensives is equally being revealed in the very aspects,circumstances and relationships that for most of my life I was looking to circumvent,to detach from and dis identify with through advaitic(mental) escapes into emptiness,meaninglessness,etc.

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The Bridge Of Grace


The Grace that David radiates is proving to be a bridge between the sacred and the secular,the relative and the Absolute,the inner and the outer,the subject and the object!
This spontaneous ongoing revelation actually reveals experientially the unification of all these seeming distinctions as any sense of a me as a separate experiencer blinks in and out in diminishment.
Light,Love,Innocence,Trust,Vibrant Silence,Devotion are the names and faces of That which has no name and no face !
I am in Your Hands and Heart!

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Boundless Grace


I am a soon to be 65 year (old) man who was brought to this place by the embodied Grace that David radiates.
After decades of conscious and effortful seeking/practicing via a labyrinth of teachers,gurus,affiliations and orientations I was brought to the feet and heart of David.
Seemingly a fact that literally and/or figuratively was against all the odds!

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