Secret doorway

Earlier this year I felt directed to David's teachings, and I've been regularly attending his webcasts and receiving his darshan. This is helping me to integrate the 'me' as consciousness with the 'me' who goes to work and lives a mundane everyday life. Lately it's becoming quite effortless to remain in Consciousness, and those old feelings of disappointment at 'falling out of Consciousness' are now generally replaced with a quick inward glance to see that I am still Consciousness and that nothing was ever lost. This is so very welcome after the past few years of 'straining' to experience successive states, and riding the rollercoaster from elated crest to disappointed valley.

Lately, I often experience feelings of desire and loss due to missing out on the weekend events. Since I live out of state, it's just not possible to attend. During Saturday's webcast, David mentioned that his energy was readily available on his websites whenever he was putting his attention there. Of course it's available at all times as well, but I do feel it particularly strongly when we are online with David 'live'. So I started noticing when David was logged in to this site, and I did the following:
1. log in to express my intention to commune very deeply with source.
2. open myself to whatever may be offered.
3. reach out to David with something like Spiritual arms (this vision just seems to happen for me).
4. reach out to the other group members. I saw us as all holding hands.
The result was, I felt the energy transmission just as intensely as I've felt it during the webcasts.

I just thought I'd share this in case any other remote group members at times get to feeling a bit detached. I seem to feel very independent as long as I'm sitting with David twice a week, but I can still tend to struggle if my life situations become difficult and I miss out on that refreshing hour with David on Saturday.

I'm very happy to be part of this unique group of people.
Love and appreciation to all,


Such a beautiful gesture you describe. I have also lived a distance from the events for a time and can attest to having found the same to be true. Much seems to depend on our intensity and level of commitment, which has no dependency on locale. Thank you for sharing such an innocent and direct approach.

By Abha --


Thank you deeply for sharing that dear Rick :) something similar happens to me...I had never felt the presence as intense as it feels when I see David (in the webcast and in the videos).
And at times, I feel my body is David's body, like I'm contained in him, and a subtle sweet vibration starts to be perceived by this presence in all my body. This happens since he said we don't make separations and place ourselves where he was sit as if we were speaking in that chair where he sits :) .

Much love ♥

By maramel

A beautiful experience, and very sweetly expressed. Thank you Maramel.
Closer than a lover, merged as one, and yet both personalities are identifiable.

By Rick