May 13,09-BLISS

May 13, 09
I first attended David's sessions about 14 months ago.
Personal stuff is male, over 60years and retired.
I seek Truth wherever I can find it which is hard to find because of my culture as a disenfranchised American. i.e. - I'm worth less than a million dollars.
I want to share with you a recent experience which sums up my connection to David.
Last Friday, May 8th I attended the 7:30 PM presentation in Palm Springs.
Now my experience with bliss has been limited and I really did not understand what people were talking about with extended experiences with a blissful condition. It had taken me several months with David to reach any kind of bliss in meditation but I knew meditation was the key.
My blissfulness was always short lived and soon ended just past David's front door.
I felt bliss of a different intensity Friday and was aware that it was staying with me.
I had a busy Saturday planned with another participant of David's sessions and we met about noon with a schedule of hooking up with a local meditation group and pot lucking it to the mountains to visit the"green mana".
Now, I understand that these were ideal and different circumstances i.e.: being with spiritual people, being in nature (the mountains) and meeting with an interesting character who lives totally self sufficient in a tee pee at the base of a mountain.
Normally, for me, it would have been nice, but no big deal, right.
Wrong, I felt an intensity of the bliss within me growing exponentially ALL DAY LONG.
When it came time for me to leave for home I was very emotional.
I cried the 40+ miles back home. Tears of pure joy.
Tears were starting to dry up and I picked up David's book "Beyond the place of laughter and tears" and read a passage on Divine Mother.
I started sobbing uncontrollably for some time. Tears of absolute bliss and sadness at the same time. I slept the most peaceful 5 hours in years.
I awoke Sunday very aware that the bliss was still with me. I was thrilled. I exercised and decided to go back to the mountains by going up a route I have never taken, in my 5 years in the Valley, toward San Diego.
I stopped for water and rest. Closed my eyes and could see wave after wave of bliss and love wash over me. I realized at this time that waves of sadness were also present. So I could see that sadness, bliss and love were washing over me endlessly, all at the same moment. Filling up does not apply here. It was endless, Primal, ever present.
I realized that this is constantly washing over me and that I need only tune into this constant vibration which will be with me always. This is who I really am. This is who we really are.
There are no word or deed that could express my gratitude to David for this journey.
Phil Ringo


Thank you for sharing. Very powerful and encouraging to hear, and feel.

By michael ortega