Life really is a precious gift and it does require other people

Over the past few years of meditating with David, his community has become my extended family and I love you all!!!

Meditating, studying spiritual topics and hanging around spiritual communities for the past 25 years, I read and heard innumerable times that "Life is a gift." The phrase has always made sense to me from a philosophical perspective and there were even times I could agree with it, but I never actually really, truly, felt it.

Last weekend after several days of the deepest meditation yet with David, I finally felt with my whole being, that this life is truly a precious gift; and that incarnation should be regarded as such, treated as the most delicate and powerful occurrence imaginable. This life is a one time expression that will never happen again, even if you believe in multiple lives, it is this moment and the experience of this body in this real physical world that is so precious.

The funniest part of this whole experience is that I do not think I would have realized this if it did not happen when I was talking with a friend over lunch...her presence, the wonderful garden, and my acknowledgement of realizing that "life truly is a gift" could not have happened any other way...well of course not, because it already happened, right David? :-)

Magic is real and life is beautiful, then it's not. But get back up and find the magic again...it's right around the corner, probably somewhere near David. Take a look in Sedona!