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Life really is a precious gift and it does require other people


Over the past few years of meditating with David, his community has become my extended family and I love you all!!!

Meditating, studying spiritual topics and hanging around spiritual communities for the past 25 years, I read and heard innumerable times that "Life is a gift." The phrase has always made sense to me from a philosophical perspective and there were even times I could agree with it, but I never actually really, truly, felt it.

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Radiance and bliss


After a long day of work and traffic on the way home, it is amazing to sit with David larger than life on my TV screen. After a while the room starts to brighten, my consciousness brightens, and Shakti starts to buzz in my body, finally releasing the mind into emptiness and happiness. My heart opens and its tension melts into love. I shed a few tears for the ecstatic release.

Thank you David for your constant offering of divine love and the darshan you share!


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Gifts of Om and Amrita


The second time I visited San Francisco to meditate with David I had a couple of very interesting experiences. There was the usual light, bliss, Kundalini and deep stillness, but I also started to hear a hum that I have heard occasionally before and have always recognized as the universal Om. I used to hear this once in a while during my years of meditation when I visited places of power or had a strong spiritual experience, but in Larkspur with David it turned on louder than ever and did not stop.

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