Sitting at the center of the Universe

Saturday's Stinson Beach intensive with David was a magical mystery tour. Intensives are great because you get much more time go deeper into the formal meditations and get to soak up all David's Spiritual transmission to complete saturation.

We had two formal meditations that lasted an hour each. For me the first mediation was characterized by a powerful Shakti current throughout my head and upper body that effectively nullified most thoughts in my mind and was very blissful. The second meditation felt like the first one but deeper and I don't remember much of it. It was as I just dropped off the edge at one point.

As always, David answered various questions and talked and entertained us all. Talking is always fun but there were many quiet moments of just Divine Darshan where David was just looking at us and we were looking at him. It was like we were having a mutual Darshan experience of each other, full of love and beauty. We were just soaking David and his Spiritual Transmission up. David looked so radiant and full of energy like he was bursting at the seems with the Fullness of Emptiness. I was transfixed looking at David and the effervescent light that surrounded him and filled the room. I felt we were all sitting at the center of the Universe, suspended by Consciousness that expanded outward in all directions into infinity.

What can I say. There is nothing better then this.



Thanks for mentioning these moments of timeless time. They were and are so huge and precious. Those are the times I cherish, so extremely potent-- and yet, isn't it amazing that being exposed to THAT and how powerful THAT is, that mind being what it is, we can go back to our everyday lives and be capable of forgetting so much of THAT? That is why is is extremely valuable for people to share hear what they remember from our meetings with David, and to hear them from different points of view. I hope others will share what they remember, and their experiences from yesterday.

By michael ortega

Thanks Paul, it is great to hear your perspective on the openings that were occurring on that spring morning in sunny Stinson Beach. The inner luminosity was in a feedback loop with the breathtaking surroundings as well!

By beatchk