The Merging Of Shiva Shakti: A Revelatory Photo

I thought you all would enjoy this photo I took of David's feet during a recent Friday night event in Larkspur, CA. I must have snapped a dozen shots of David that night but the picture he was most fond of is the picture posted below. Notice how David's feet come together in a mudra.

As you all probably know, the Guru's feet are very significant in many traditions. The feet of the Guru is where the "Divine in form" touches the earth. In Hinduism it's very common to see devotees performing puja on the Guru's feet. It is widely understood (and experienced) that the Guru's feet are a tremendously potent channel of Spiritual Transmission.

I found the following definition of Guru's feet from a Siddha Yoga Glossary at http://www.siddhayoga.org/glossary.aspx

The Indian scriptures revere the Guru's feet, which are said to embody Shiva and Shakti, knowledge and action, the emission and reabsorption of creation. Powerful vibrations of shakti flow from the Guru's feet. They are a mystical source of grace and illumination, and a figurative term for the Guru's teachings.


Thanks for posting this, Paul. I was sitting there yesterday and David had is feet elevated and was moving them around. I was keenly aware of the Shakti shining through his feet and hands.

By michael ortega

Paul, I'm in love with your photo of David's feet! To me it speaks of innocence, the ordinary/extraordinary, and so much power, love, and light. Thank you for sharing this with us and also for the accompanying info.

By Andrea

It's actually somewhat mechanical. From what I've seen, for anyone who enters the descending stage of awakening, the descending current flows down through the body and out the feet. No mystery to it.People who get close to the feet, enjoy the ride! David says something about the descending in his video "An Exploration of Consciousness".


By Blufire

It is interesting. I love the photo.

By ocean