David's Divine Siddhi

Over and over again I am amazed at my (and other friends) interaction with David's Divine Siddhi. Every time I spend time with David He demonstrates that He is not separate from us in consciousness. During the last Wednesday webcast, for example, I was preparing a chat question about the expression of anger when all of a sudden David, being annoyed at something Orley had done, expressed anger towards Orely for us all to see. Some of you reading this were probably online and will remember that scenario. I just smiled and deleted my question since David had answered it before I could complete it.

Some of you might just think I'm being silly and that was just a coincidence, but I tell you, there is no coincidence around David's Divine Siddhi. These things happen constantly around him because I see it over and over in my own life as well as in the confessions of other friends that attend David's events. I can not count how many times David gives a talk at a gathering and someone expresses their heartfelt thanks for David addressing exactly what weighing on their mind, or answering a question they deeply needed answering (with without having to ask outwardly).

I'll never lose my sense of awe and wonder at the expression of this Grace. On the contrary I feel as if I'm living in a magical realm of communion with the Divine that is just becoming more and more transparent. What a joy.

I would like to encourage others to comment on this blog post about the examples where David demonstrated to you the same kind of grace. I love hearing stories about this aspect of our relationship with David. I will also update this blog post with other fresh examples as they happen.



I can't remember tangible examples, unfortunately (due to my short memory...).
But more abstractly - Although the meetings, videos and articles are not directed to anyone in particular,
I always have the feeling that in some mystical way it fits my current state of mind or lack of clarity. The right answers and purifying lessons always appear spontaniously, without efforts on my behalf. I also feel that every answer of David, even if it is less pleasant to hear, has a role in one's spiritual evolvement and is not random.
When it comes to David and The Mother, it seems that all the familiar objective rules of life change and become subjective, as if the objective world becomes a tool for your Realization. This is crazy and nectarous, totally different from the regular view about Life. There is a sweet feeling of alignment with this reality that was created for you.

By ocean

witnessed many, many examples. A few years back I & partner arrived in town to attend David's first NCal event of the season. We planned to stay on for a few days and take in more events as well. I had a number of questions that I had been contemplating in the months since I had last seen David. After the event, he walked up to me to say hi, and in a casual fashion dealt with every question I had. After about 5 minutes I returned to my partner and said "Well I guess we can go home now. All my questions have been answered!".

I have witnessed many, many times when David has known things he couldn't have known. He never somberly announces these things, but it comes out in casual conversation. The kind of things that make you go hmmmm...

I have so many stories, some of which are quite dramatic...

These things are fun, but the siddhi that I have seen and value the most, is siddhi of transformation in consciousness (including my own). I have seen innumerable instances of people who's outlook is so transformed over the course of a weekend that they are scarcely recognizable. You can see it in their faces. It's always a wonderful thing to see.

By Blufire

Hi Paul, just out of curiosity, what was the answer you received regarding the expression of anger?

By chexsrf

Came upon your blog of 2 years ago about Divine Siddhi and last wed (March 28 2012) on the internet telecast I was unable to write in my comment/question and send it to Orlly for some reason. I meanton this because I wanted to ask David to give more detailed explanation to me of Shakti. Of the hundreds of times that I have encountered this word there is always an empty space of tru recognition of the meaning of this word. I wanted to clear up my ignorance concerning this topic.
So I looked down at the clock on my computer and is was 8:07PM and I am thinking David will soon sign off.
There was a long moment of David just staring, (at me), and he then went into a beautiful, lengthy explanation of the subtleties of the Shakti. The connection I felt shot thru my heart like a warm mitten on a cold day. It was delightful.

I have known David for over 3 years now and have met you once at David's house in Palm Springs some time ago. I want to express to you my appreciation for the work that you do to make the telecasts availabe with set up and the realization that you are very important to Orlly and David for your technical expertise. I feel your presence in the backround whenever problems occur. When David was in Palm Springs the firs thing he would say when the system had problems is 'call Paul'.
Thank you for gifting me and many others with Wednesday nights pause from madness to meditation and bliss for the time with David.

For Peace, Justice and the 99%


P.S. Suggestion --- Could you make the "LOG IN" more pronounced and visible. It is so light and small one has to eye search for it to Log In. This is especially a problem for new people. I phone talked a new person onto the website and this was a problem for them to locate even when we were on the Log In page.

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Phil Ringo