2009 - The Year in Review With Perspective

2009 was an amazing year of Divine Light, Bliss and Love. Doing the math, in 2009 alone I (and many others) were able to sit with David and receive his Divine Shiva / Shakti Transmission over 150 times! Even if you didn't have the luxury of living close to David, there were over 90 events you could attend online from any location on Earth (as long as you have a decently fast internet connection)!

I wonder if such grace has ever befallen any other group of seekers in the history of this planet? Keep in mind that David offered 50 of those events absolutely free (for us not for him). The rest were offered for a small donation to help cover the costs of all his online events.

Of the 6 or so billion people on this planet, how many people even know this kind of Divine Transmission is possible? And how many of those who know Divine Transmission is possible have access to that Transmission on a regular basis (or ever)?

Yes. If you are reading this post you fall into a very select group of privileged people. You are not privileged because your parents have wealth and influence, although they might. You are not privileged because you are smarter then most, although you probably are. You are privileged because you find value in who David is and what David does.

In 2010 let us all recognize our great good fortune and strive, by all means available to us, to expand our special and privileged group to include all who would respond to David as we have - with love and gratitude.



So beautiful and to the point.

By Abha --


I hope that in 2010 more people would enjoy David's peculiar grace.
Darshans are also available in the form of YouTubes an DVDs. I highly recommend David's DVDs. By watching them, you are inebriated with Divine Love and Energy as long as you wish, and this transmission is independent of time and space.
Much Love to David and the beautiful Sangah, and Happy New Year.

By ocean