Intoxicating Bliss

Yesterday's broadcast was a Nectar to my being.
Soon after the meeting had started, I was inebriated with Bliss.
Laughter came out of this cosmic joke called Life. I can't stop laughing even now!
(luckily I don't have to be at a funeral)
There was no remnant of mind to ask for more.
It was nothing but pure joy, a feast in Heaven.

After that, I watched the 8-part series of David and Swami G.
It was AWESOME, full with Shakti and Love. I'm sure that even the cute dog sitting there got blissed out :)
When one feels the hearts of those beautiful Masters, all one wishes it to relinquish the mundane
and transform into a beautiful being like them.

Don't miss it:



Thank you Liad. Your "Feast in Heaven" description of Wednesday's meditation plus the link to David and Guru G's discussion truly made my day!

By Abha --


So good to hear Abha. Much love.

By ocean