Coincidences happen with David

Meeting David on the web was a coincidence, which was described in "My Story" section. However, coincidences keep happening. Since meeting David, a desire to meet him in person, and attend an intensive, arised. It did not come from underestimating the amazing internet meetings, but simply from love and longings to the teacher.
As an Israeli, I have never been to USA. It is quite a costy long travel, and for spiritual seeking, I preferred travelling to eastern Asia countries.
However, only few months after meeting David, some unexpected circumstances in my life required arriving to USA in the summer, and more specifically to San Francisco, exactly where David's teachings take place. I can't express how grateful I am for that. I don't want to interpret life events through the biased mind, but I do feel the presence of some directed force (as opposed to the usual assumption of randomness), or what Guerdjieff called "C-influence". These phenomena are not new, but became more prominent since being with David.


That sounds amazing. I'll look foward to meeting you.

By michael ortega

Thanks for your warm comment, I'll be very glad to meet you.

By ocean