The Lion's Roar

"You can drink with the Devil, but you must use holy cunning and leave him to pay for the bill."
-G.I. Gurdjieff

During David's recent Intensive in San Francisco, the moods, or bhava's during various sessions seemed very different, and I'm sure it was different for everyone. For me, the first meditation session was like deep sleep, or relaxation. I was being removed from the picture, so the Shakti could work through "me." During the next session, there was a huge infusion of Light/prana wafting down through the top of my head in no pattern and there was tremendous bliss and santosha. Then, afterwards during David's talk, he quickly changed from a sattvic bhava to a more fierce one, and he instructed us in the fierce fire of Tantric energy, where all aspects of existence are Divinized - even fierce states. There is a Divine Wrath that dispels confusion, or even the tamas/inertia of too much sattva/equanimity. During this time, I felt an intense transmission of powerful Shakti radiating in the space, as if exhorting us to use all means necessary to undermine ego. David spoke of Lions getting together just before the hunt and roaring together, to get each other fired up and in the spirit where killing is permissible, and this was clearly suggesting we do the same as we go out and hunt the fast deer of Ego, which will attempt to outmaneuver primal consciousness at every step. He spoke of doing whatever it takes to trick ourselves, invoking whatever might work to that end, and that in that domain of ego, morality is absent, and that by whatever means necessary is the order of the day ( of course, this needs to be understood with discrimination and in this specific context). This was useful and necessary to rattle our little cages of sattvic bliss that The Divine Mother as David sensed we had become complacent within, and it was energetically enlivening and inspiring. I was left reeling and felt the full force of the Kali in her scrimtar brandishing, ego-decapitating, fire-filled aspect!

MahaKali or Devi Gayatri

Om Adyayai vidhmahe
Paramesvaryai dhimahi
Tanno Kali pracodayat

May we realise the Primordial Energy. Let us meditate on that Paramesvari, the partner of Siva. May that Goddess Kali illumine us!