There are some images I wanted to post with this text but was unable to, so you may look them up online, or go to the link below from wikipedia, which contains the image I am referring to below.


The image I am referring you to is of Vishnu resting on Ananta-Shesa, with Laxshmi massaging his "lotus feet". Most specifically, I am drawing your attention to "Adi-shesha, the king of all nagas one of the primal beings of creation, and according to the Bhagavata Purana, an avatar of the Supreme God known as Sankarshan. In the Puranas, Shesha is said to hold all the planets of the Universe on his hoods and to constantly sing the glories of Vishnu from all his mouths. He is sometimes referred to as "Ananta-Shesha" which means "Endless Shesha" and as "Adishesha", which means First snake."
-Quote taken from wikipedia page on Shesha (see link above)

It is this multi-headed serpent rising up out of, or behind the head of Vishnu, or Buddha, or Patanjali, that reminds me of the revelation of David's True Form, or Darshan when he sits with us. I felt this reality of Revealing, and Recognition on tuesday night meditation with David. For me, Recognition is involuntary, like a flower recognizing the sun and automatically opening to it. Adi-shesha is David revealing That Ultimate, Transcendental and fundamentally, immanent Reality of Consciousness in unbounded glory.

I have a small statue at home, of Buddha sitting on Adi-Shesha's coils( probably taken from the protoype image of Patanjali sitting in this manner) and Shesha is rising up behind and over him. When I contemplated this icon, I felt that this was what I was experiencing during a recent meditation. For me, it was an awakening, a real Recognition, that previously I had not fully had. I felt David's gift of Revealing to be like the arrival and opening up of Adi-Shesa, the full manifestation of the Kundalini-Shakti. The gift of Revealing provides the sacred occasion of Recognition, and this reciprocal process is Transmission of the most primal Reality of the Divine, rooted in the most primordial tradition, which is what the nagas are representing, and Adi-Shesha is the king of the nagas. I don't know how else to explain it. I perceived this magnificent form to be the Esoteric Reality of what he is offering/sharing. Paradoxically, it is not actually seen with the physical eyes, but rather, It is recognized, felt, understood, known, and perhaps, seen on the inner planes. Darshan is a true unveiling, a Revealing and an opportunity for Recognition, of That which is Revealed. Ananta-Shesha is that indication, that primordial sign of Revealing, that the true most primordial Darshan is now fully manifesting.

Interestingly, Shesha is also said to be the son of vision(1). Again,this suggests Recognition as the offspring of Revealing, that which bestows vision, or Seeing. Patanjali is said to be an Incarnation of Ananta-Shesha. He incarnated as a man
in order to reveal that which is the remainder(another definition of Shesha), or that which remains, The Self unmoved, when the vrittis, the modifications, or whirls of consciousness subside. It is then that The Great Shining One, Ananta-Shesha, the kundalini-shakti, Reveals Itself. This Revelation-Revealing, when bestowed by a Master, is Transmission, Initiation, shaktipat and produces many wonderful Bhavas or Divine Moods of Recognition; Bliss, Ecstasy, Bhakti/Devotion all can arise in this Sahaja-Samadhi of the Great Shining One who is flashing Ultimate Reality. Ananta Shesha is a symbol, but more than that, He is an actual Esoteric Reality that actually occurs in Recognition.


1. From Alain Danielou's 'Hindu Polytheism', pg. 163


With all due respect, but what is all of this meaningless drivel all about? If you really listen to what David says and he has said it many times, experience (i.e. Kundalini Shakti, esoteric mumbo jumbo and explosions) is just that, experience. Moments of awakening are just that, moments of awakening. They mean absolutely nothing. As a kid and well into adulthood, I had many of those "satori" moments and the experiences of shakti. If you think this will lead you to so-called "enlightenment", then you're sorely mistaken.

I think you can gain more insight by watching a rabbit running across the field. It doesn't think about the shakti or philosophize on Vishnu, Lakshmi or any such nonsense. Be humble my friend, you're no more enlightened than that rabbit. The only "sign-post" worth mentioning is "Be Still", remain silent and abide in the "I AM".


By mcgyver66

Perhaps this post was not for you. This is a personal piece that I wrote with no intention of anyone else seeing it, and David specifically requested that I post this, because he felt there was something of value in it. I make no claims about it's value, other than it was his wish. If it's "meaningless drivel" to you, wonderful!

By michael ortega

Perhaps it wasn't for me but it was in the public blog section. And why would David specifically request you to post it privately if he thought it was going to be of value to others? Then again, perhaps my response was as much drivel as I felt your initial post was. Nevertheless, I'll say "whatever" to all of this and you can continue to enjoy your experiences with the "shakti" as I retreat to the silence.


By mcgyver66

He asked me to post it in the public blog after I privately submited this to him. You make a lot of assumptions about me and my writing, considering you don't even know who I am. Nice snarky silence!

By michael ortega

Assumptions??? I commented on a blog which I felt at the time needed a response. I know absolutely nothing about your personal life, nor do I care to know, nor was I attacking you personally. Also, the response was prefaced "with all due respect"...

By mcgyver66

What you called "meaningless drivel" (with all due respect, of course!), was a piece of writing that deals with the Guru/Devotee relationship, Recogition, Darshan, Transmission and how that might be related to Spiritual Art. A topic that David, himself, thought was important and resonant with his Teaching. These are hardly meaningless elements of Guru Yoga!
Also, Ananta Shesha is an artistic and symbolic rendering of an actual Transcendent, Spirtual, Esoteric,Reality, that, is probably senior to rabbit consciousness, and while I can appreciate your rabbit, I also am capable of appreciating beautiful Spiritual Art that symbolizes Esoteric Reality.
I think it's important not to assume your right and another is wrong, or that one's definition of Spirituality is more correct than another's; absolute statements are fundamentalist.
You pretend to be open minded and preach humility to me, but friend you're coming across as arrogant, and not a little obnoxious.


By michael ortega