Satsang is Crucial

I just recently drove to Los Angeles to sit with David. It was the first time I have sat with him in person and been totally open and surrendered. The first time I met him, as I have mentioned previously, I was defensive and angry and distrustful. Now I understand better. I am sure that much more understanding lies ahead of me, but as of now, I understand enough to know how amazing and rare this gem is.

I think of all the crazy L.A. hustle and bustle going on outside, as we were hidden away in a small corporate style meeting room. Nobody out there knowing that in that inconspicuous building was a Master, dispensing the greatest gift you can ever receive. A gift of Spirit-Power that baptizes and initiates one into true devotion, profound stillness and bliss. I couldn't believe it; The transmission is so powerful and deep.

Now I sit here breathing, feeling the Spirit-Current, the Shakti as it descends through the top of my head. I have become more quiet and still. Like sitting in the presence of a beautiful exotic bird, only a foot away, not wanting to frighten it away. All of the ways I normally leak energy through speech and movement are held in check: I don't want these diamonds to fall away from my heart. It is the greatest treasure in the world; the open-secret, the gift of the Master.

It feels like I've received more results than I would have had I undergone a year of therapy. Bare minimum, I have received a healing in opening up the Heart Chakra. It feels like a cool, blue energy, or it's like walking in the forest and coming upon one of those areas where there is a sudden increase in oxygen. Fear and anxiety are lessened. Meditation is still and pure. I went not projecting any expectations, or hoping for anything, except feeling some blissful Shakti but... this is infinite, special, big, beyond time and space. How many adjectives could I use? None of them are nearly adequate. There is absolutely nothing I could say or think here that could possibly be new, or sufficient.

Satsang is crucial. It is the esoteric teaching. Everything else is parables in a labyrinth of delusion.

I hold these diamonds now and stare at them in amazement. They are filled with Ma Kali's Love-Bliss. I will stay up all night looking at them under moonlight, again and again

"I can abandon God, but I would not forsake my Master.
God is not the equal of my Master.

God has given me birth into this world.
My Master has freed me from the cycle of birth and death.

God gave me the five thieves.
My Master freed me from them when I was helpless.

God threw me into the net of the family.
My Master cut away the chain of attachment.

God ensnared me in desire and disease.
My Master has freed me from this by initiating me.

God made me to wander in the illusion of doing.
My Master showed me my being.

God hid himself from me.
My Master gave me a lamp to illuminate him.

Above all, God created this duality of bondage and freedom.
My Master destroyed all these illusions.

I offer myself, body, mind and soul
At the feet of my Master, Charandas.

I can abandon God, but I can never abandon my Master."


Thank You.


Phil Ringo - June 5, 09
Thank you for your encouraging reply to my Bliss experience.
Read "Satsang is Crucial" and "Enlightenment with attitude"
You blew me away with the depth of your insight and honesty.
Your expressions of your thoughts go directly to my heart.
Since my blissful expansion I see and feel Oneness manifesting itself all around me.
Surely, that is what I felt when I read your comments.
I do not have a clear understanding of Shakti yet but am sure I have experienced it
often with David. Looking forward to greater recognition of such things as your
description of it was very helpful for me to examine it within.
David's Wed telecast had a very good explanation of Shakti, 'as a coil or spring'
activated by meditation and bliss and of course the Master.

The good news, Michael, is that I feel that this Bliss is now always with me in some level
or another in intensity and that I have 'cracked thru' (as David characterized it). I will
never be the same, and who would want to. I find it difficult to even remember my
previous frames of reference and glory in new found perception of things.
Finding Oneness with a complete stranger, YOU.
And just as I wrote that, I realized there is no 'complete strangers' in this awareness.
I will look forward to reading more of your thoughts and possibly meeting you along
the road.

Peace and Blessings

By philringo --

Phil Ringo

Wonderful, Phil! Very happy to hear from you and experience your exquisite sharing.

As far as a clear understanding of Shakti, well, I guess, understanding is the booby prize. You understand more than enough and from your experience of Bliss and having this remain with you-- that IS the Shakti.

I was very moved by your account of how it has effected you and it meant a lot to me. I have had previous experience with transmission, but it sounds like you have had a profound, beautiful, breakthrough. Yes, I also find a oneness with you by your sharing and it is all attributable to the Divine Grace of David Spero. His transmission is pure mystery and unbounded Bliss.

I am glad that whatever I shared was of value too.

Yes, it is exactly as you say, there are no "complete strangers" in this awareness. David Spero's transmission here, is where proof of oneness is so palpably communicated. Your articulation above of how you are finding oneness everywhere is really beautiful, also.

Yes, it's nice to meet you and perhaps along the road we'll meet.


Michael Ortega

By michael ortega