The Natural Samadhi of Everthing

Everything in our natural world is always already in Samadhi. That we might not realize our encompassment, or absorption, or expanded-ness is due to our not having been fully initiated into this global nature of Reality. Association with David provides a progressive expansion as the Big Self. There are stages of Awakening, albeit of a non-linear sort, so that, as David frequently says, everyone is different, and that you just don't know how long it will take for you.
When I first met David I was skeptical that by hanging out with him in the Shakti that this could be sufficient. There were errors in my understanding then, as I was unaware of the quickening and expansive power of The Divine Mother Consciousness to progressively initiate me. I somehow assumed that association with David would merely equate to me feeling Shakti, but I couldn't even conceive of how this Benediction would operate. A year after being with David, there is, indeed, a deepening and quickening and glimpses of the Big Self are arising. If this is the case it powerfully suggests that further and further expansion of Full Consciousness will ensue -- proportionate to my inner fire, faith and commitment to That.
"Waking up beyond the mirage of Duality" is what David can do for us, and beyond that we just don't know. There is no ceiling, at least potentially, depending on the individual. "This Reality cannot be grasped", as David says, is because this expansion continues and continues and everything is realized as Enlightenment; the words of a friend, the song of a bird, the stars, the sky, are all existing as the Self in infinity. If we bring our sequential minds to such Reality we can't possibly feel it. There are times now, where Everything is the Self, Consciousness, and it is seen how everything is arising within Itself. Everything is arising in Enlightenment, but we have to be initiated to feel and see it. The quivering of the delicate flower in the gentle breeze, or breath, the trees, we all "reside in a condition which Transcends everything." The Absolute cannot be separated out from the world. Being and existence are one and the same. There is no other Heaven up there, but it is here in The Heart. That which looks to an elswhere, or otherwhere, or a beyond everything, is what David refers to as anti-Shakti, or anti-feminine teachings, or views.
It all comes down to hearing and understanding David, in the context of the Radiation of the Shakti, Divine energy. It is animistic, it animates, "It enters into living beings and animates them." This is the initiatory power that David Is, and offers.

I feel so happy and fortunate to be roped up with all of you on this mountain of Consciousness, in which we will all, hopefully, realize each other in the Self and in the Divine Flashing Light of Shakti-Consciousness, unleashed as David Spero.