Absolute Beatitude

David is BEYOND amazing. The more one sits with him the deeper and more astonishing it becomes. He ushers you into the immensity of the Kundalini Shakti, which is utterly mind-blowing beyond anything that can be said. Everything... the mind/body, and the world is subsumed in a Light that eats, transforms and transcendentally outshines all ignorance, everything. The Most All-Pervading-Avataric-Nirvanic-Krishna/Kali-Force will midwife you into ever greater unfolding mysteries.

The most hyperbolic poetry and praise are dirt in the mouth when trying to describe him.
All the descriptions of phenomena, states of Bliss, ALL of that can not even approximate what it is like to be in relationship with Him. To say that Consciousness is meeting you in it's fullness with implications that annihilate the known, is a laughable understatement.

" You will be backed into a corner, where everything about you comes under scrutiny. The scrutiny of Consciousness itself."
-David Spero


This intoxicating Avataric-Kali-Force is beyond words and beyond AMAZING...
Thank you.

By ocean