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Atemporal Radiance


The fact that David Spero ‘s videos radiate is still unbelievable to me. In playing a video, time is transcended and a living a-temporal Radiance is alive through the video-- now and now and now. How is that? Its amazing—its earth shattering. We can be led into a familiarity about it by being with David, but the fundamental earth-shattering nature of the actuality of this should never be left. When I feel this --and which no one word can do justice to it, I realize how earth shattering and remarkable it is.

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Living in The Beloved.


Living in David. The Ultimate Heart Call of The Master and the true heart hearing and seeing of the devotee.

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spontaneous poem


This Heart energy.
It is an art to know it.
It radiates out and in, defying gravity.
and I fall in love with people left and right.

I have to take a deep breath.
and Surrender.
and then...

I don't know
what's next.

It is doing itself.

I try to put on the brakes and that's when things go a little crazy.


me me me me me me

me me me me me me me

me me

Like a shrill SCREAM!

My process, my path, this happened, that happened.

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The Light IS Enough


The Guru is Sufficient. That there are layers and layers of conditioning, or samskaras and vasanas, cause us to mistrust that this is so.

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Loving the Guru


The Subject Tonight is Love

The subject tonight is Love

And for tomorrow night as well,

As a matter of fact

I know of no better topic

For us to discuss

Until we all



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Stay Tuned... or Don't Ever Stop Feeling.


What a relief!... This walking into a clearing after being lost in a thick forest and inhaling prana rich air. After being on so long of an odyssey, wrestling with dragons of wrong views, drawing swords of wrong conclusions fo years and then to come to rest in full recognition of Him. I have no doubts at all. I am fully convinced. Now I can unabashedly take my seat, let devotion flow and be instructed without resisting. The 'splendor of recognition'.

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Nothing has been the same since coming into this lineage of Transmission. Shakti is felt all of the time and the potential inherent in it feels limitless, containing the fullest implications of Consciousness Awakening and Expansion. A door has been opened and the opportunity is here to walk through IT and to Feel to Infinity. This IS a feeling-based transmission and it will feel into every place in being if cooperation occurs.

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I inherited a home from my Grandparents and I am currently renovating it. This house comes with it's fair share of ancestral karma and there is quite a bit of funky stuck energy to deal with. Working with that energy has been somewhat intense as it has substantially effected my sleep and dream life, as well as my waking life. Yesterday, I put my mac with a DVD of David playing in one of the rooms that really needs energy clearing. Not only that room, but the entire house became filled with the Paramatman and Clear Light of Reality.

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Divine Distraction


I am Divinely Distracted by a great Vision.

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Absolute Beatitude


David is BEYOND amazing. The more one sits with him the deeper and more astonishing it becomes. He ushers you into the immensity of the Kundalini Shakti, which is utterly mind-blowing beyond anything that can be said. Everything... the mind/body, and the world is subsumed in a Light that eats, transforms and transcendentally outshines all ignorance, everything. The Most All-Pervading-Avataric-Nirvanic-Krishna/Kali-Force will midwife you into ever greater unfolding mysteries.

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