World's Beyond Words

I remember my first webcast some 2 1/2 yrs ago. I wrote David " WOW". I could never have fathomed such euphoric bliss ! He told me to wait and watch what unfolds. I know those of you at last nights webcast must be smiling, nodding their heads. The Love/Bliss, the delicious indescribable joy dissolved all questions, made us into one collective HEART. Every utterance of David was drenced with this intoxicating experience. It doesn't matter what one believes Sahaj Samadhi is, what we have read in spiritual texts ! A few weeks ago David said,"words are mundane". When a living master like David invites you into the realm of the ineffable, the words dissolve !
When you look at the sun, a rose, a baby, a pet, rainbow, waterfalls, listen to beautiful music, feel true love, no explanations are needed. None will suffice ! How blessed are we ? 50 or so people nourished, given all one truly longs for in their heart of hearts. The Sweet Delicious Love/Nectar of the Divine. God Bless You David !



Such an accurate portrayal of last Wednesday's webcast. Truly the most powerfully ecstatic webcast I have ever attended. For that hour, the hearts of those 50 or so people, became One and we shared the unfathomable Bliss of the Self that is David. Thank you for your posting!

By Abha --