A Prayer That Has Been Answered

I have been meditating and involved with spiritual practices for almost 40 years. Even as a young boy I would get a felt sense of powerful ineffable love and wonder when it came to the Transcendent. So precious, so beautiful. On Saturday during David's webcast after meditating he gave a talk about this path. I always seem to experience everything he is saying at the very moment it is expressed. I don't have to intrepret it or make any efforts for cogitation and comprehension. When I am writing this I have to laugh because quite simply everything he is communicating is all about Love !

A Love that touches me as if the Universe was holding me in a warm blanket, and providing all the nourishment that I ever needed. As he is signing off with a final Namaste I see the comments and know that everyone is sharing in this pervasive Love/Bliss. We truly have been Graced. David is a prayer that has been answered !


Thanks for sharing. David is the most expansive teacher I have ever met. Such a mystery but so tangible. It is hard to put words on it, but like you, I feel such gratitude for this encounter. It is heart warming to know many others are sharing this grace. Many blessings !!!!