His Grace

On Saturday's webcast there was some technical glitches. The contact, the power of the transmission of blessed shakti was as potent as ever ! This Love, This Knowing was so deep, so pervasive, so blessed and powerful that we all knew. After 4 years I am dazzled, literally awestruck by "David"; constantly unfolding in the most beautiful mosaic of all I ever wanted in my spiritual search !

I was watching some videos for the upteenth time. They were fresh and nourishing, in ways they even more poignant than upon my initial viewing. I would invite you to watch Inwardness and Beyond 1 & 2 almost at the end of the video listings. The scope, the landscape, the freedom of David's path is Nonpareil ! I've been involved in spirituality and meditation for over 40 years. THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS REALM ! If you stay with David and follow his gentle advice and encouragement you will be Graced. Your fears of death, illness, poverty, lack will be quelled; at an experiential level not from some technique, spiritual aphorism. The invitation of his Consciousness and Love is extended to all. I am just crying tears of loving gratitude out of my love for his Grace !

Mark Jackier