All The World's Questions Answered In His Smile

Please I Urge, Implore, Beg You to stop everything ! Don't have another conversation, delay going to work, eating, breathing, everything and watch David's videos "Everything Is That ", and "On Meditation" A Talk Set to Music. They will answer your prayers !! They will prove more valuable than all the books, conversations, practices, relationships that you will ever read, have or know combined exponentially in your life ! You can call me crazy, you can call me an idiot, but you will have been privy to the most Profound, to the most Wondrous "Knowing" that exists in this life.
When I watched the first one "Everything Is That" I knew that all the world's questions were answered in David's smile. The "Knowing Glowing", the Captivating Joy, the Effulgent Splendor ! I started this blog and was going to urge everyone to read his writing "On Meditation" which I must have read 50 times or more. Then lo and behold it was the next video set to music. Talk about Synchroncity, I'm sure Carl Jung just rose from the dead (LOL).
Go to somewhere sacred ! Put a garland around you; sit with the holiest thing you know. I sat with my dogs.
Just watch. Become the Universe's Heart. Let your third eye be enveloped in Diamond Light ! Know that you are the the Child of the Cosmos. In this half hour you will KNOW ! There is more Cosmic as well as Pragmatic Truth in it then anything you will know in this Life ! This time wil become "Your Precious" but far more potent than Lord of The Rings mythology. As with Love, an Orchid, the ocean, or a baby's smile it is beyond explanation !
There is no sensory organs that explains this. No formulas, nothing in schools, churches. The universe woke me at 4 AM this morning. Luminosity took over my Brooklyn, New York psyche. Brooklyn, New York Mark can not write this stuff ! Brooklyn, NY Mark couldn't even fathom it ! See if all the questions don't give way to the Sweetest Sublime Silence, to ExquisiteLife, to Aliveness Itself in David's most wondrous smile !