The Core of David's Teaching

Tonight, during David's Internet Meditation, a viewer asked David to describe the core of his teaching. To me, the question was so broad and massive that I really wasn't sure how David was going to answer. How does one sum up an entire teaching? My mind flickered w/ possible answers. "The core of my teaching is that realization is a gift," David said. Wow. My heart connected instantly. That was it. All of my years sitting w/ David and the answer was that simple, that pure, that innocent. Profound. My previous notions lay shattered. And, as I reflect on it still, an elixir of bliss washes over me.


David's answer typifies the whole instruction that he gives his students, one that I've never heard any other teacher request, "It's not necessary to change anything about yourself."

By Abha --


...and me, too! Incredibly deep and powerful! :-)

Thank you for sharing this.

By ari.meyer