I'll Have the Custard, Please

Sometimes I stop by this donut shop on Ashby
called Dream Fluff Donuts (true!).

The place is owned by an Indian family.

One day I was talking with the nice lady who runs the shop.
I asked about their unusual custard filling.

She said her son Krishna, the baker, showed great promise early on.
She told some story about butter in his mouth, stars, the universe –
I couldn’t quite follow. And such a sweet tooth!

Anyway, I bought my usual. It not like you can eat these things and drive.
You have to sit down,
so I found a bench by the door.

A crispy, crunchy outside offers resistance,
but once you get to the middle
there’s no stopping,
only soft melting sweet creamy nectarous custard
in all directions.

Nothing else matters.

This is one good donut.


Yes, the Mother donut. So delicious. She is my only staple. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you so much!


David says in one of his videos"The Mayic Realm of Confinement" "to be childlike and soft inside"......"knowing you are made of the ultimate softness of the universe".....your donut story reminded me of this. Thanks!


for your comments. This is my oral appreciation of meditation - breaking through to the soft, creamy center. I wanted to add a line, D is for donut - and what else? but couldn't find a place to hook it on.

By LLRogers --

Lyn in Oakland, CA

I was standing in a truck stop staring at some doughnuts. Another guy was next to me doing the same thing. He looked at me and said you can't have them can you. "Nope,"I said. He said, "me neither, guess we had breakfast then. " we laughed. There's nothing like a doughnut. Darn food allergies. I miss them! Lol. Oh well

By ryan

My story doesn't have anything to do with much. I don't know why it was just really funny to me for some reason. Lol. So thought I would share.

By ryan

I know, this post was playful and fun! I love donuts too. This is probably why I enjoyed the original post. I can't eat them either because I feel sick after...but boy do they taste good...especially if homemade. The funny part was I had just listened to David talking about us being made of the softness of the universe and then I saw LL Rogers post. Just made me smile...especially the syncronicity.