Relationship unfolding

My relationship with this website started about one year ago. David caught my attention via youtube videos.
It were moments of wonder to listen to his videotalks, it was so wonderfully coinciding with what had been brewing in my inner life perhaps for some few weeks prior to the meeting with David via youtubevideos. In those few weeks I had been going through introspection and reflection on my journey as an active spiritual pilgrim of some 20 years and in fact further back when I was at the age of tvelve when I had my first touch of blissfilled and shakti inebriated experience during praying alone in my room. That initial experience in childhood was never lost but often forgotten in troublesome times of youth and ignorance,though sometimes in my pilgrimage years it was repeated in graceful moments during meditation.

So one year ago, going through this time of retrospection and returning to the innonsence of the age of tvelve, David Spero appears on the stage with the words of innonsence on his lips! I have to say , that when I joined the first live webcast everything was present, tears, shakti, heat and cool breeze , expansion in awareness far far beyond the physical body even beyond the earth.
Next weeks thereafter I could hardly wait from week to week for the next webcast but gradually I started to become keenly more aware of this anticipation as a restlessness within me, but as a miracle a pecuilar thing started happening , at first mostly during live webcasts:every time i closed my eyes my bodily self image changed into his bodily image, like a process of mergence was being initiated and a new sense of deepening in Feeling, peace, bliss..joy extasy, but i also had few days of emptyness, like being in a void, feelings of fear and sorrow lingering unreasonably within me.It came and it passed away.

It started to happen during my private meditation practice that David was present as being my body ,it also started to happen during daily busy hours that at some point my mind would relax a little, and Davids image would suddenly pop up within my mind as a reminder of BEING from within conciousness itself. It is as BEING itself is projecting into the mind the outer image of the Master as a saturating process of the intellect,dissolving it into the ocean of the heart. In that ocean there is no thinking involved, only fullness of BEING, wastness of light,bliss, formlessness but it seems to me that during the ascendence to the cognitive mind the recollection of this non-ego-will-based diving into the heart becomes an registered experience within mind.


Thank you, Larusc, for sharing this description of the guru yoga process, which is what happens for us, in various ways, as we become more and more vulnerable to David's presence. Guru yoga, in both its Vajrayana and Shaivite forms, is always the heart of Tantra, where the Shakti is honored and relationship with the known brings us to our own hidden openness and ungrapable transparency. I rejoice with you in the light that kisses your heart.

By TF (not verified)