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Life Itself


June 18, My comments after the morning webcast:

What a precious and liberating teaching. My body, mind, and heart were conceptually and physically reveling in it. Unspeakably delicious.

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The Grace From Cyberspace


One of the most peculiar aspects of David's way of teaching and contacting is that he does much of it through the internet. It really puts a new iteration on the entire notion of "avatar". I am not aware of any spiritual teacher of significant realization who sends so much initiatory power through the medium of cyberspace, or who goes so far as to say that his website is an extension of his body.

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Bliss Infusion


Ever since attending the July retreat in Sedona, it's felt like I've been riding a wave of greater bliss and energy. I'm becoming more familiar with the sensation of simply resting in this living relationship with David and what he is. I had to wait hours at the airport for my flight home, yet I can still remember the deep sense of sanctity I felt about my being as I sat at the crowded terminal. I didn't want to change my thoughts or touch ANYTHING about the way I was. I didn't feel the need to evolve or love myself or anything like that.

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Thanks for the "tech support"!


Dear David,

Seems like your lila has struck yet again.

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