New bee

I have to admit that it has taken some time for me to get what others are blogging about...the Blessings and blissful experiences, after and during webcast and during the week or days between. I too am now having some good feelings of joy and bliss/. I know it has been a slow process for me . I have prayed and meditated for more light in my life, so maybe thats why I feel that , thats why I've been led to Davids, Teaching etc..In conclusion, I love it.. Ok more words. My friends asked me to ask you about the mayan Calendar. I really enjoyed your answer. also by following your web cast I have , experienced much of what you ahve been talking about. For instance, I have telepathic and other experiences with David more frequently. Iam also opening up to other types of extra sensory experiences, that, Ive had in the past, but Ive had more of them since Iv started to Meditate with you. I know thats not why I meditate, but a part of my path. I usually just feel good about most of them.


I enjoyed your straight forward description of your experiences so far, with David. Thank you for asking the question about the Mayan Calendar. I also thoroughly enjoyed David's answer. It brought everything that's going on in the world into perspective.

By Abha --