Iam reading Davids book

I was told a few years ago about Davids book and the person who read it, said it was "Ho Hum". Well I started to read the book and thats not the case at all. Iam new to this way of spiritual teaching. A lot of what Ive read so far has helped me to understand what Davids teaching is about. So I recommend this book to any one whose just starting out listening to The web cast. The book will or should help you too. get a better grip. on what Davids teaching does. Oh , I also had aprayer Answered during the web cast. I wanted to ask David abou t Physical healing and body pain. But I could not think of theway to ask the right question and I did feel a little reserved , too. I didnt know if he could shed some light on my health situation.. so I didnt bring it up. Yet , to my amazement, someone did ask David about their health. And I enjoyed his answer. I dont think all of what he said applied to me , but some of it did shed light on my problem. For , now Iam really enjoying the web cast. Thanks Again David nad friends, for all the great service you provide. John


I enjoy your direct and open comments. I agree that David's book is almost a map of what you can expect to experience. It is quite amazing to experience the blissful shifts that David's teaching provides,and then read a perfect description of what has happened to you, in David's beautiful words.

By Abha --