David in my 3rd eye

I was day dreaming about a friend, who was shopping at Whole Foods Market. Then lo, I see David, in line or he walked right by me. I do think this is my first true contact with David. Besides the Free web casts. God bless David, and me. I like many people I know are having problems, with uncertainties about their futures. I mean Iam a teacher and many of us will be with out a job next ,school year. Iam really hopeful that , things Will work out for me. I think that this Meditation is good for my whole being. As far as my little vision, I think it means that I need to eat more Meat, "Only Kidding", I think , I like it that I was touched by his presence.


I really enjoyed your vision. Best of luck with your job/career!

By Abha --


Iam sitting at my taxmans desk and hes on the phone with another client. Next thing I know I see Davids face and his spirit come over me as "If" he was overshadowing me. That was a unique experience. Thanks David I needed that. I have been putting off goimg to do my taxes, because of my financial situation. . Iwas nervous about what my tax man was going to say . Everything went OK. I dont know why I had that beautiful experience, but I hope to have more in the future.That you for your beautiful being. om shanti

By jedijohn

I love this dream.....David is definitely "Whole Food" for me. The wholeness that has come into my life since I have met him is astonishing.....with no effort on my own except being open and showing up. Truly grace in action. Thanks for sharing your dream.