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you where saying something that peaked my interest and may have helped me, today. then the webcast went off. I wonder what you where going to finish saying or maybe you did???disconnect. well thanks for the blessings as always. with deepest graditude and heartfelt thanks.

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Iam reading Davids book


I was told a few years ago about Davids book and the person who read it, said it was "Ho Hum". Well I started to read the book and thats not the case at all. Iam new to this way of spiritual teaching. A lot of what Ive read so far has helped me to understand what Davids teaching is about. So I recommend this book to any one whose just starting out listening to The web cast. The book will or should help you too. get a better grip. on what Davids teaching does. Oh , I also had aprayer Answered during the web cast. I wanted to ask David abou t Physical healing and body pain.

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New bee


I have to admit that it has taken some time for me to get what others are blogging about...the Blessings and blissful experiences, after and during webcast and during the week or days between. I too am now having some good feelings of joy and bliss/. I know it has been a slow process for me . I have prayed and meditated for more light in my life, so maybe thats why I feel that , thats why I've been led to Davids, Teaching etc..In conclusion, I love it.. Ok more words. My friends asked me to ask you about the mayan Calendar. I really enjoyed your answer.

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David in my 3rd eye


I was day dreaming about a friend, who was shopping at Whole Foods Market. Then lo, I see David, in line or he walked right by me. I do think this is my first true contact with David. Besides the Free web casts. God bless David, and me. I like many people I know are having problems, with uncertainties about their futures. I mean Iam a teacher and many of us will be with out a job next ,school year. Iam really hopeful that , things Will work out for me. I think that this Meditation is good for my whole being.

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